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So i have just now realized how much of a slacker i have been on taking a photo a day since sometime in December, so i have decided to sum those few weeks that i have missed into just a few pictures (mostly for lack of wanting to find things that represent those “lost days”). Here is Day 74-96 (yes i am that far behind) . Basically when I last left off my countdown for home had finally come into the “hours stage” and i was going to get to see my family for the first time in 10 months. I took some pictures from the plane and then promptly didn’t really touch my phone again much. The other pictures are the lights that were up in our park this year that my dad had helped fix and then put up, then you have our Christmas Tree on Christmas day and our demon possessed looking dog, Hershey (who is not really demon possessed but just doesn’t like to have her picture taken). I have also included a picture of what my hair actually looks like now as well as the fact that i do actually clean my bedroom…lol. The last photo was a gift i gave my roommate for Christmas (well we gave each other gifts the earlier part of this week…yeah we fail…lol). And that about sums it up. I will try to get back on track in the coming weeks, hopefully some new pictures might be an exciting new place, job and maybe a dog to call my own :D

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I seem to always be on the go constantly, but I consider it more my journey to finding out who I am. I live a Life in Motion!

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